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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a convenient way of doing business online, with drop shipping you don’t have to worry about anything else but focusing on your core business. Drop shipping is a reliable supply chain management system and really handy for affiliate marketers or online store owners . offers drop shipping without any extra charge for our registered clients. It’ll save you ton of time processing orders and maintaining inventories for store management. Our drop shipping system is capable of handling these and will help you grow your business in an effective way.

We’ll take care of all those time consuming day to day work for you and with us you’ll be able to manage time to focus on your main goal of selling. Let us take care of all the hassle while you get on with your online business.

How things work for Drop Shipping at

You’ll be ordering using the normal ordering procedure but place a different shipping address. We’ll know  when we review your order. The mismatch will tell us that it’s a Drop Ship order but if you’re new with us then you should contact us via first. You’ll need to confirm your order as a drop ship vendor first only then we’ll allow you to work with us.

Your business is safe with us as we don’t include any invoice or promotional materials with our products while delivering, so your reputation as a seller is intact. Your clients will not be able to know the source or the price as well.

For returns or exchanges, your customer will contact you and you’ll contact us, it’s you who placed the order so you’re safe.

Import taxes, if applicable then should be collected at the time of the order. This will solve the import duty problem at the beginning. As a drop ship vendor, we expect you to inform your customers about the import duties and taxes but we’ll help you as much as we can. 

Step by Step of Drop Ship Order

  1. Select the items you want to order for your clients.
  2. Place your clients shipping address
  3. Confirm the payments. Once we’ve received the payment, we’ll ship your order as early as possible.

Return Policy For Drop Ship Vendors

All of our products are entailed for one month extended warranty for refunding and exchanging purposes.

All the communications regarding refunds and exchanges must be handled by you and you only. For us you’re the customer and it’s convenient for you as well. This will ensure your reputation as a seller.

You can always discuss with us with issues regarding returns and you many deliver our return code to your clients for returns if they live in a different country. That’s the most suitable solutions for this sort of issues but again please contact us before doing so.