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Return & Exchange Policy

We do try to provide the optimum quality products that usually don’t need to be returned.  But in case this unfortunate incident happened to you then we’ve got a return and exchange policy to suit you. To keep you safe from faulty products, we offer a free exchange policy for our clients.

Our exchange policy for the products are as follows.

1. For every exchange you should must apply to us within 24/48 hrs. The time will be counted from the instance you received the order. Use this mail to apply for the exchange with the details of the problem. For returns please use the mail above including the details of the problem and a photograph of your product.

2. You’ll not be charged with any restocking fee for exchanges but you may have to bear shipping fees. For returns there will be a restocking fee applied and you’ll have to bear the shipping fee as well. After deducting the restocking fee and the shipping fee, your remaining balance will be transferred to your account that you’ve used for ordering.

3. Please note that if it’s something that we did wrong then there will be no charges and you’ll get the full refund for returns. For exchange it’s the same if we made any mistake then we’ll be responsible for everything.

4. Please contact us before sending your products back to us for the returning address. We’ll only receive packages after we’ve agreed to receive, if you send it back without our concern then we reserve unconditional rights to decline it.

5. For custom orders we don’t usually comply returns but if it’s about the quality of the product then please make sure you contact us first via

   We’ll try our best to solve any issue to ensure your satisfaction.

6. For wholesale orders we don’t have any return policy but if it’s about the quality then again please make sure to contact us first via
  ,we could definitely work something out.

7. Exchange or return policy applies to the eligible products only. Eligible means the product must be intact in its original condition and not used. If you’ve caused any damage to the product in any fashion or if it stinks for any reason then this will not be eligible for exchange or return. You should include details about the problem and a picture of the product in your application of return or exchange.

8. All items must be returned within 7 days of receiving the product, any later than that will not be eligible for exchange or return.

9. All of our products come with a one month extended quality guarantee. We’ll not be responsible for any later issues with those products.

10. If you follow our exchange and return policy then we would be glad to accept the returns and exchange applications.